I see beginners every day coming to the tennis courts, not knowing what they should have brought to the tennis court. They are not in the right apparel, they are lacking a good racquet and on top of all that, they are not too sure about the rules of the game.


So, I thought why not make a guide for people who are either starting out in tennis or have been at it for a couple of months but could use some guidance to get their ball rolling.  I love guiding new people who take an interest in this lovely game and want them to not get scammed by people who will just take their money away. This guide is definitely not forcing you to buy all the stuff that’s included in it, just read it–see what suits your needs and act accordingly.


This guide is aimed at beginners, but I’m pretty sure some intermediate or advanced might find something they would like, especially regarding the mental and emotional side of things.

Physical / Material Things

An Adequate Racquet

So as a beginner, you really don’t know what to get. There are a million choices and all of them look tempting. But buying all of them is surely out of the question, because no matter how much money you have, spending all of it on tennis equipment is not a wise decision.

pure drive 110

I see countless beginners trying to play with racquets that are either too heavy for them or their head-size makes it very difficult to develop any strokes. The racquet that I usually recommend for beginners is in the oversized category, and it is called the Babolat Pure Drive 110 (2015 version). Amazon has quite a lot of those, so if you want to grab one you can by clicking the link here.


It is one of my go-to recommendation for beginners, because of its comfort and power. Beginners need something light but enough plow through so they can hit the ball with some power, even if they lack in that category. It is a racquet that is the jack of all trades. It will give you a nice platform for your tennis journey.

Some Balls

Turning up to a tennis court without balls is one of the most common mistakes that beginners commit. Tennis players are generally very possessive about balls, nobody will share balls with you if they do not know you.

If you are heading to a public court, which most beginners do, buy some tennis balls. They do not cost too much and a pack of them comes with 3 or 4 balls which can take weeks to go bad if you are a total beginner. It does start getting a little costly when you start moving up the skill tree because you constantly need to change balls for optimal consistency.

10 Things That Every Tennis Player Absolutely NeedsSo, Wilson is a brand that you can’t wrong with when choosing tennis balls. They are the brand of balls that I like the most because they tend to remain very consistent throughout their life. Grab a four pack and you should be fine for more than a few months. If you are looking for current pricing, you can check them on Amazon by clicking here


Are you a huge Roger Federer fan, and want to know what kind of a racquet he actually plays with? I have written something just for you. The blog post goes over the differences of the racquet that he plays with and endorses. You can check it out by clicking the link here.


An Overgrip

There is nothing worse than buying a tennis racquet and not being able to hold it comfortably. Either you have sweaty palms and your hands slip off the base grips, which are not designed for this or you get multiple blisters because of the very basic layer that the base grip provides.

Getting an overgrip is pretty much essential in my book, it increases the comfort and usability of the racquet a ton. Overgrips are generally pretty cheap too. I have written a full blog post about different kind of grips. You can check it out by clicking this link.

gasquet wrapping grip

If you don’t want to waste time reading another blog post and just want to buy an overgrip, I have a few favorites lined up for you:




If you get sweaty palms and are annoyed with it, then go for the Tourna Overgrip. It was created for absorbing and providing a very dry feeling to the handle of the racquet. All of the other ones do absorb sweat quite well, but Tourna advertises their grips for their better than usual sweat absorption capabilities.

The Appropriate Apparel

Seeing people come to the tennis court in inappropriate apparel is a pet peeve of mine because let’s face it, nobody pays attention to someone who is not serious about learning the game. A good pair of shorts and a T-shirt is all you need as a guy for an optimal tennis experience.

For female beginners, there is no amount of dressing up that’s going to help you with learning the game. Go online, there are a plethora of options to choose from including different colors and styles to express yourself as a tennis player.


No need to buy any designer stuff, Amazon has pretty much all your needs covered and it’s not even that expensive.

Some Sweat Bands For The Heat

My favorite accessory to wear in the summers. They are literally a lifesaver because of their sweat absorption properties. Having them as a part of your tennis kit is pretty essential if you live in hot and humid conditions.


Sweatbands are a pretty cool way to express your colorful personality too. They come in a variety of colors, and you can have them as colorful as you like or as dull as you like. Personally, I just wear whatever ones are available to me, because I care about practicality more than style. But if you have something stylish and you want to use it, don’t let anyone stop you from doing that.

A Tennis Bag

10 Things That Every Tennis Player Absolutely Needs

Carrying around all the things without a tennis bag is just plain stupid. Investing in a tennis bag early on is gonna save you a lot of hassle. You do not need a full-fledged professional tennis bag, you can get by with smaller bags or even a backpack.


You can find some cool ones on Amazon or your local sports store. The one that I like a lot is the Babolat Pure 2018 Series Backpack because of its color and its overall versatility. You can check current pricing by clicking this link


If you like full fledged tennis bags, then I would recommend something like the Wilson Tennis Team Collection Bag. My father currently uses it, and it has served him well for quite a lot of years. Amazon Pricing Here

A Water Bottle or Two

I am a creature of the hot and humid conditions. A place where summers are almost 7 months long can get you in the habit of drinking ample amounts of water. Drinking water during the time you are on the tennis court is essential. Without it, you’ll end up getting fatigued and tired a lot faster, and you won’t enjoy tennis that much either.


Always bring a well-insulated water bottle like this or this with you to the tennis court. Insulated water bottles are quite affordable and they keep the water cooler for longer. The last thing you want is warm water after a grueling tennis session. You can always refill them from nearby water places and they last for literally years.

A Resistance Band

As a beginner, you will get sore muscles into your first few weeks. Our bodies are not designed for new things, and they end up breaking down and adjust to our newly adopted activities. A resistance band is something I love to use whenever I hit the courts, They help in building the muscles required for tennis and they don’t feel like a gym work out either.


This video explains some cool and simple exercises that you can do with them, and they hardly take 5-10 minutes of your daily routine.


The good thing about them is that they don’t cost a lot. You can find them on Amazon by clicking this link.

Some Weights

This is something I just keep at home. I am someone who doesn’t like going to the gym a lot because I get overwhelmed by all the different equipment. You should get some 2-4 pound weights, and do some basic curling.  It helps in strengthening your muscles which get used in different movements associated with tennis.

No need to get heavyweights, the last thing we need is a shoulder injury as you just start out in tennis.  Just stick with light ones, and do them during your warmup before playing.

A Hitting Partner

This is directed at beginners for the most part. If you want to play tennis at a public court, you need someone like minded to start tennis with. WIthout a coach or a hitting partner, you are not going to get far in your tennis journey. If you have an SO who’s interested in doing something new with you, invite them along to the tennis court, it can be a great way to learn the game and strengthen the bond with them.

Private clubs usually have hitting partners that are already paid for in the membership. But I would still recommend someone with whom you share some sort of bond, either a friend or a family member, so there are no formalities between you two.