It is not that difficult to hit a greatbackhand

A lot of my students and even me when I was learning tennis had issues with the backhand. I consider it the second hardest shot after the serve. But fear not young warriors (everyone is young at heart 😀 ) you can learn how to hit a great backhand whether you go the single hand route or the double hand route. I personally prefer the double backhand because it just seems a little easier but you can learn any type you want as long as you stay consistent with it you should be fine.

Consistency is key with learning the optimal backhand, so be sure to stay with it long enough and you will start seeing results. You won’t be hitting cross court bazookas the first time you try it but having a good guideline in your head and practicing some drills will give you a solid base compare to someone who has showed up on the tennis court without any research at all. You never want to be someone who has no idea what they are doing as it slows down your progress. And most important of all it makes things less fun.

The Single Handed Backhand

This video is great for beginners, I use it to help teach my students who want to learn the Single Handed Backhand. Follow and mimic his movements and you will develop a great muscle memory to hit great and consistent backhands.

The Double Handed Backhand

This is such an awesome video to learn the double handed backhand. It highlights steps you can follow every time you want to hit a backhand. It has some fun vibes with it and makes  learning a whole lot more enjoyable.