Hitting a fast and controlled serve can make or break your game. Beginners struggle with hitting a good serve let alone hitting a fast serve with control.

As a beginner probably the most intimidating thing you have to learn is the serve. Developing consistency and good form is vital to the effectiveness of your overall game. Players like Federer have a consistent and fast serve and they win free points because of it. So, of all the things that you practice on court give your serve some extra 10-15 minutes. I will try and be concise on how to develop a good serve which will give you a good basis on how to progress it forward. Once you develop the basics, you can add all sorts of different variations like a fast serve,a slice serve, a kick serve, etc.

For beginners trying to learn how to develop the serve, things can get a little confusing. What I recommend is to start with the basics of the serve technique before  moving on to more advanced concepts

Fast Serve Serena

The Grip For the Tennis Serve

So beginners usually start with the eastern forehand grip for serving as well, while it might seem easy at first they might lose the ability to control and power when serving. I used to use it for my second serve as I was afraid of double faults but that was still counter intuitive because most of the time I would get hammered on the return.

What I would recommend is starting out with the continental grip. To see what continental grip looks like I would recommend reading this tutorial. This will set you up for life as most of the pro players use that grip and you can see how fast they serve with consistency.

Keep in mind that when starting out, your main objective is to develop good muscle memory and consistency. Spin, power and direction all come with practice and time.


Motion and Throw for A Good Tennis Serve

You do not have to imitate the pro players when you are starting out. They start with a wind up basically to add more power to their serve which is not very important you are just learning about the basics. Just find a comfortable position and you can start. you will eventually learn the wind up but I am really not going to stress it here.

Begin with your elbow up and your racket down. Hold the ball in you r fingertips, not your hand, toss it just in front of your right leg. If you release the ball farther forward as some players do, you’ll create a curved toss path, which makes tossing it too far forward or too far backward a possibility.

You can find the serve master used in this video right here: