Beginner Tennis Tips 1: Choosing The Right Tennis Racket

Choosing the right tennis racket can be quintessential to your tennis learning experience.


Tennis Grip

Beginner Tennis Tips 2: How To Grip a Tennis Racket

After the arduous task of getting your racket, the next important bit is to how do you grip the tennis racket that you bought. 

The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Tennis Forehand in 5 Days

Beginner Tennis Tips 3: The Forehand

The forehand is one the most important shots in tennis. This guide is designed to be easy to follow and detailed.

The Backhand

Beginner Tennis Tips 4: The Backhand

After sorting out your grip the next step is to get a feel for the The Forehand.

Fast Serve Serena

Beginner Tennis Tips 5: How To Hit a Fast Serve

Hitting a fast and controlled serve can make or break your game. Beginners struggle with hitting a good serve let alone hitting a fast serve with control.

tennis forehand slice

Beginner Tennis Tips 6: How To Hit a Good Forehand Slice Shot

Learning a Good Tennis Forehand Slice Shot is a great tool for your tennis career. It is used by all the professionals to get out of sticky situations like hard to return balls.

backhand slice shot

Tennis Lessons For Beginners 7 : How To Hit a Good Backhand Slice Shot

Slowly but surely we are starting to make our game more complex. After the Forehand Slice its time to learn the most used slice shot and that is the backhand slice shot. The backhand slice is used by many pros in many different scenarios.

Forehand Volley Shot

Tennis Lessons For Beginners 8 : How To Hit a Good Forehand Volley Shot

After tidying up your baseline we have to move on to our net game which a lot of beginners do struggle with sometimes.
The trick of the trade we are going to learn today is the forehand volley shot.