Choosing The Right Tennis Racket

Choosing the right tennis racket can be quintessential to your tennis learning experience. I made the mistake of choosing a racket which was way to heavy for my shoulders. It hampered my learning process of this beautiful game. The things I would have learned in 6 months I learned in more than 12. But learn from my experience and do not make the same mistake I did. There are countless choices when it comes to choosing the right tennis racket. Whether it is for a friend who  is thinking about getting into tennis or yourself who watched a tennis grand slam and wants to get into the game but is intimidated by all the choices. I'll try to segment this guide into two parts, one for kids aged 6-10 and the other for people above that age range so it is smooth sailing for anyone looking to find their first racket.

The Right Tennis Racket For Kids

Choosing the right racket for kids who have just started learning about the game is very important. You do not want to let a kid get discouraged by the equipment which is not optimal for his age. This chart should help you in choosing the right tennis racket for your child. This will provide your child with the optimal start to his tennis learning journey. Junior Tennis Rackets are designed to be more maneuverable and lighter than their senior counterparts.  Kids have a harder time trying to play with heavier rackets so not choose something that will accelerate their learning process.

To guarantee good quality, choose reputable brands such as: Prince, Wilson, Head, Babolat or Dunlop.  A good tip that I go by when choosing the best racket for someone is that I take them to a tennis store and let them get a feel for the rackets. This helps in the long run as it helps eliminate any bad decisions of choosing the tennis racket that might not be good for the player

The Right Tennis Racket For Adults

Anyone over the age of 12 years can choose the more mainstream 27″ rackets with slight variation to their weight classes.

Again, pick any racket from the more reputable brands listed above and you will have a great experience. With new technological advancements rackets are getting lighter and faster providing great comfort when hitting the ball but with the same power as the heavier rackets of the old generation.  Again the tip that I shared earlier, go to a store or multiple stores if you live in a big city and choose the racket that just feels nice to you. I still go by this rule and I have been living and breathing tennis for 12 years now.

This video should help you in choosing the right tennis racket fit for your needs.