How to Grip a Tennis Racket

After the arduous task of getting your racket, the next important bit is to how do you grip the tennis racket that you bought. Many people have difficulty grasping the concept of how to grip a tennis racket efficiently and hamper their learning experience. What feels like the most natural way to grip the racket is more often than not a bad way and this guide exists to help in this regard. I won’t go into to much details on the different types of grips as it can be counter intuitive.  This guide is aimed to be short and sweet so you can spend less time reading and more time actually playing the game and having fun. I want to make it short and sweet so I have found a video detailing each grip in a very fun little format to help you grip a tennis racket. There are plenty of grips to choose from and pick whatever feels the most natural to you. No specific grip is better than the other in terms of optimal pliability as pros use a wide variety of grips and find success. 

Tennis Grip

I love this channel and its content, I can not recommend them enough for learning and enjoying tennis.

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