Forehand Volley Shot

While the game has changed to be more baseline line focused these days any good player knows when to get up to the net and finish the point with a cracking forehand or backhand volley.

While the forehand volley does seem like an easy shot at first, it is very deceptive and can not be perfected until beginners do a lot of drills.
With some good drills you will be able to really hone the shot to your liking and be able to control it the way you like it.
Whether you want to more backspin on the volley or more power, it all comes with practice and drills.

The Grip For our Forehand Volley Shot

backhand slice grip

So the same drill as with a lot of our other shots, the primary grip for the forehand volley is going to be the continental grip. It is the most common and the easiest to learn grip for our purpose. Remember the volley seems like an easy shot at first but it needs a lot of beginner drills to perfect and some seasoned players still struggle with the consistency of the shot sometimes. You can find my tutorial on how to find the continental grip here.

Another great thing about having the continental grip is that you do not have to switch it up for the backhand volley. And it will be very natural for you when learning the backhand volley.

I would advise against the use of the eastern grip as it can add some complexity to the learning pattern and we are trying to avoid that in
these tutorials.


The Ready Position For the Forehand Volley

Forehand Volley Ready Position

So, you have your grip down next your objective is to recognize when to go up to the net and execute the volley.
You should always have your eyes on the flight of the ball. Beginners should focus on getting a good feel for the flight path of the ball
and while this seems difficult at first, some drills should give you the right feeling.

Your feet should be approximately shoulders width apart as this gives your body a great center of gravity to make the shot. Hold the racket right front of your body with your non dominant hand slightly supporting the racket.


Drills For Beginners for the Perfect Forehand Volley