Learning a Good Tennis Forehand Slice Shot is a great tool for your tennis career. It is used by all the professionals to get out of sticky situations like hard to return balls.

A good tennis forehand slice shot is very important and is used at all levels of play whether it be professional or club level.

A good slice can hit in one of two ways. One is to hit with backspin which is the most common one and is used by pro players and one is to hit with some backspin and some side spin. While it is used by some great players, the easier and the more effective one is the one with backspin. Hitting a good forehand slice will help you get back into points that you have no business winning, Rafael Nadal one of the best returners of the game has use the forehand slice to win some memorable points over the years. 

The forehand slice shot is generally less favored compared to the traditional forehand shot because players have more control over the the topspin forehand shot than they do on the slice. But a good forehand slice shot is needed when the ball is high or when it is too short to convincingly hit a good topspin forehand shot. The slice forehand is also useful for making an approach to the net as it makes the ball bounce very low in the opponent’s court and makes it difficult to hit a powerful return or a passing shot. 

A good slice shot affects the momentum of your opponent as it slows down the point and lowers the bounce of the ball. Adding the slice to your arsenal allows you to always keep your opponent guessing and never get too comfortable playing against you. And that is the main game plan if you want to succeed in tennis, never let your opponent get comfortable against you, you have to always be in their minds  

tennis forehand slice

Tennis Forehand Slice Shot Technique and Grip

Some people like to keep their racket face in front of their left shoulder. While this is okay for the right handed player it can be problematic for the left-handed players out there. For the lefties out there move your racket in front of your right shoulder. When you are in the ready position and waiting for your opponent to to return, be ready mentally and physically.

So we are going to use the same grip that we used in the serve tutorial right here and that is the continental grip. Almost all the pros use it for their forehand slice shot and even for their backhand slice shot but we will get to it in another session. People do prefer the eastern or the semi-western grips but I would recommend staying away from them as they add extra complexity to the learning process and that is what we are are trying to avoid here.

All the other intricacies of the forehand slice shot are explained in this video you do not want to get bored by reading about stuff when you can watch it and get it registered in a much more visual way.