Slowly but surely we are starting to make our game more complex. After the Forehand Slice its time to learn the most used slice shot and that is the backhand slice shot. The backhand slice is used by many pros in many different scenarios.

The backhand slice is a great tool as you are progressing as a tennis player. Beginners usually have a very good in taking lessons for this shot as it comes pretty naturally for a lot of people while some struggle. Its one of those shots that you can learn very easily by watching and imitating the pros. I learned it from watching the great Roger Federer and imitating it over and over again until it was in my muscle memory. 

Learning the backhand slice as well as the forehand slice is a great tool when you start learning the volley. As it is pretty much the same technique. 

As tennis shots go, the backhand slice was very popular in classical tennis as players had to rely on wooden frames which were heavy and difficult to move. So the slice provided a great and dependable tactic to play around fast players.

backhand slice shot

Backhand Slice Grip

backhand slice grip

Most players including me use the continental grip when it comes to the backhand slice. it is most common grip and also the most used one in almost all kind of shots

Footwork Guide for the Backhand Slice

You can not really explain the footwork for the backhand slice in text format, so I found a quick video explaining everything in detail. getting it ingrained in your mind with some drills will help you executing the shot at a proficient level in no time.

The Stance For the Perfect Backhand Slice Shot

The perfect way of executing a cracking backhand slice is to keep a very neutral stance. A neutral stance can easily be learned. Both your feet should be aligned in such a way that they align with the baseline in a parallel manner 

Tennis Drills For a great Backhand Slice shot

I wanted to find a video detailing the perfect drill guide for you to practice. This is a great video for beginners and if you follow the steps you’ll definitely have a great a backhand slice shot in no time