Whether you are just starting out the game or battling it out on the international circuit, Tennis grips are absolutely indispensable. For someone who knows the game probably knows there are two main types of grips namely:

  • Replacement Grips
  • Over Grips

While both these grips have certain pros and cons this article will serve as a guideline for your consumption.

Replacement vs OverGrips
HEAD Hydrosorb Pro Tennis replacement Grip on the left and Tourna Grip XXL, Original Dry Feel Tennis Over Grip on the right

The easiest way to recognize the difference between these two grips is the face value. When you buy a racket it comes already gripped and for someone who has a rudimentary knowledge about the game knows that the grip used to replace this factory grip is known as Replacement Grip. It’s different in texture and feel which you will be subsequently introduced to in the later part of the article. The grip you use to cover this replacement grip, reasons we will delve in later, is as the name suggests an Over Grip.

Texture and material of Replacement Grips

This post is a continuation of my 10 things that every tennis player needs post. I have a lot of other essentials on there, so if you would like get kitted up for tennis I recommend you go there. 

Gamma Hi-Tech Replacement Grip

This grip has been around for scores and while the same company has made many versions of its grips, this has been the most popular among them all the fact that it is still used today serves as a testimony of its preference. The material used by this popular Replacement Grip manufacturer is purely synthetic. Due to which it can used and installed in various ways and styles. You can check the current pricing on Amazon by clicking here.

Texture and material of Over Grips

Tourna Grip Overgrip

After grueling research and experimentation this grip was made in the hot and humid conditions of Atlanta. This is a grip used to absorb high content of moisture in the atmosphere. It is the “trademark blue colored grip” that you may see in the hands of Pro players or at your local courts. The humidity absorbing material used is synthetic. It creates a very dry feeling when you hold it even during very hot and humid conditions and is ideal for players who sweat a lot. You can check the current pricing on Amazon by clicking here.

Using a Replacement Grip

While we all know that Tennis is a sport which is different for every person still although using different grips is an absolute personal preference suggestion never falls short. This grip replaces the factory grip on a racket while today there are many grips in this domain that have a high degree of cushioning and moisture absorbing ability. Still it is no secret that it reduces the feel of holding a racket in hand and weather agents are a great detriment to it. If you are a casual learner and live in a place where there is less moisture in air then a Replacement Grip is for you. If you are willing to change band aids on your fingers every now and then due to its concomitant ruggedness that it develops after some games than I don’t see why you cannot use a replacement grip. Still due to its low cushioning ability and susceptibility to weather agents you will end up changing Replacement Grips a lot.

Using an Over Grip

Replacement Grip

It is a grip that is used to cover the Replacement Grip and thus protecting it making it last longer. It is an absolute necessity for players who play in warm and humid conditions. You will often see pro players playing with a new Overgrip in every match. This is because they have to be very particular about their paraphernalia. Casual players do not need this type of engagement and due to its flexibility and durability Over Grips can be used for longer durations in adverse weather conditions as compared to Replacement Grips.

Financial Advantage of using Over Grips

Most Over Grips come in a three pack and they cost almost a fraction as that of a Replacement Grip. Even if money is not an issue still why waste a few extra bucks to get something less durable and more rugged. If you order a pack of ten or more over grips the cost of the unit moves further down. In colloquial expressions buying an Over grip is more economical. To check pricing for my favorite grip on Amazon, click here

Do Pro Players use Over Grips?

gasquet wrapping grip

Well all this must tingle your mind with the above mentioned obvious question. Yes, pro players do use Overgrips because the International Circuit exposes the players to various playing conditions so in order to avoid the decrepit tedium of blisters and sore hands they use Overgrips to minimize the chance of injury and consequently increasing the level of comfort and durability.

After establishing the pros and cons of the two Grips. It would be easy to see that Over Grips are the way to go. I prefer to enjoy the sport more with an Over Grip on. Still it is much more dependent on your preference and playing style

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  1. love tennis blog

    I am always amazed to see players who have worn through to the wood with their grips. Like seriously get a grip. I prefer an overgrip as they are relatively cheap and I can replace them once every few sets

    1. sageqwerty60

      Beginners and intermediates have this issue. Sometimes people are just ignorant LOL

      1. love tennis blog

        Yeh I know. I just don’t get why people don’t just buy a grip and put it on.
        Its like having a new racket again

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