As a beginner, there will come a time when you say to yourself “huh, the racquet doesn’t stick to my hands all that well.” You try holding it as tight as possible but then you can’t hit the shot because the firm grip doesn’t really allow you to maneuver the racquet all that well. 

You google around a solution, you find out that the grip you had on your racquet is called a replacement grip and more often than not it has to be paired with an overgrip which is cheaper and more or less designed to be disposable. gasquet wrapping grip

You can see the difference between a replacement and a normal overgrip here. The meat and potatoes of the post is that pretty much every player needs an overgrip, some people need two, some people don’t like any. 

Through my years of playing tennis, I have gone through dozens and overgrips, from cheap Chinese made knock offs to the good old Tourna Grips.

I will say this, not every grip is going to be the best suited to every player. I prefer Wilson Pro Overgrips over Tourna Grips while others swear by it. 

There are basically two types of overgrips:

  • Dry Feeling, Sweat Resistant (For hot and humid conditions, where sweat is just pouring and pouring.)
  • Tacky, Dry Resistant (For cold, dry conditions, where the hands need something firm to hold onto.)

Tourna Overgrip

List of The 20 Best Tennis Over Grips:

I’ll list them out first, so if you don’t want to read the entire post you can see from the awesome selection and buy them. Amazon is a godsend because of its quick delivery.

Dry Feeling Overgrips:

Tacky Overgrips:

Review of The Top Dry Feeling Overgrips:

Wilson Pro Overgrip:

Probably my favorite overgrip. The feeling, and even the durability, for the most part, is great. The coaches over at the competitive tennis group on Facebook love it as much as I do with some split differences with the Tourna Grips.

Playing in hot and humid conditions call for something that has some absorption properties. This grip does that wonderfully, I am a heavy sweater (if that even is a word that can be used here) and this grip has been a lifesaver and my stock is about to run out soon and I am thinking of ordering the 50 pack from Amazon. If only they had a wholesale or coaching discount for all the people like me, but I digress.

The color choice is a little lacking, but white and I think you can get it in black too is more than enough for something that you are looking for the practical benefit of.

Wilson also comes with a perforated version of the same grips, but I noticed that tended to break my skin and form blisters way too easily. 

You can get it in 3, 12 and 50 packs in varying price ranges and most stores keep them at those prices, so just order from Amazon and wrap them, as easy as it gets pretty much.

They take around two weeks for me to break, and I play 3-4 sets almost daily except barring the odd Sunday or rain here and there. They are very thin, so they just start breaking rather than flake off first and then break. 

Tourna Grip Original:

The one and only, the very popular Tourna grip with its odd-looking color which is a mix of blue and light blue, I don’t really get it. The practicality of the grip actually outweighs the looks.

With players like Richard Gasquet, replacing it every three games and just loving the fresh feel of the grip so much, we can easily assume that it’s quite the home brand in the tennis world. 

Tourna themselves admit that the grip was made purely out of an accident, but that is the greatness of most things. Mistakes have made this world a much better place than it might have actually been. Tourna Grip Original

Pete Sampras was probably the first person that made the grip very popular. He loved using the grip and he talked to PR people of Tourna that he would love to be sponsored by them. It was the world’s first sponsorship of a grip company with a tennis professional and it has been growing since then.

The grip itself is very good, according to the coaches on Facebook, they swear by it. The grip gets grippier as it gets wet with sweat, but something just feels a little odd for me. 

I feel like it the grip gets too wet and my hands don’t like the wet feeling. My hands don’t sweat too much but I sweat from around my head a lot and that can drip onto the racquet. 

The feeling is great for mild weather, maybe not too hot or humid but for extreme conditions, I still prefer the Wilson Pro Grips. 

But you can test them out both, to buy the Tourna Grips, they come in all types of lengths and packs, you can check on Amazon by clicking here. 

Babolat Pro Team SP:

Rafael Nadal promotes this one, he has this video up of meticulously wrapping the grip around his racquet, and of all things that he does, this small thing is just a joy to watch. This grip is a little thicker compared to Tourna and the Wilson Pro Grips. It has this cushioning effect, that is pretty similar to the Head Xtreme Soft grips. Babolat Pro Team SP

I won’t say that it doesn’t get the job done, and my dad actually ended up liking it more because it was a little more durable, and he doesn’t sweat as heavily as me. 

If you like a smoother feel on your racquet, then this might be the right fit for you as you may like it more compared to the rougher feeling Wilson. 

It comes in 12 and 3 packs, which is another drawback because I like it when you get a little bit of a discount when you buy the 50 packs. You can check it out on Amazon by clicking here.

Luxilon Elite Dry Overgrip:

Luxilon makes some pretty good strings, and they decided to compete with the Tourna giant. This is a very rough feeling grip and I quite enjoyed it for the time being that it actually stayed on my racquet and didn’t just lose grip with my undergrip. 

The traction of this grip is a little lackluster and you need to wrap it pretty tightly if you want it to stay on your racquet. Luxilon Elite Dry Overgrip

The colors that it comes in aren’t the prettiest to look at but we don’t really look at that anyway. The grip is on the non-durable side, but considering that you get a pretty good deal on this compared to Luxilon’s other premium priced product, it is a great buy. 

Try this if you are in the market for something new, One coach over at the Facebook group loves it and says that it is probably the best overgrip he has ever played with. 

Check out current pricing over at Amazon.

Head Xtreme Soft Racquet Overgrip:

This is the grip that I am currently testing as my stock of Wilson has run dry and let me say this, it is probably the worst grip I have ever come across. Some Chinese knockoffs are better than what I had to work with for a few months now. 

This grip comes as a very non-standard size and width compared all the above ones that I mentioned. It has that same problem as the Luxilon one, that it starts losing its grip from under the racquet unless you wrap it extremely tight. Head Xtreme Soft Racquet Overgrip

The absorbing ability of the grip is great, and it is a little more durable than the Tourna but it is nowhere near the Babolat one. This has the added disadvantage that it doesn’t even feel that cushioning while the Babolat and Luxilon one had some of it.

It does start fraying quite fast and I was surprised to notice that the grip looked almost fully worn out after only a few days of playing, but it doesn’t break that easily as it does have an extra layer beneath the initial one.

Amazon Link Right Here

Want to know if you sweat super hard, what sort of remedies you can adapt to keep the sweat at bay and enjoy the tennis the way it’s meant to be enjoyed. I have just the solution over at my best tennis racquet grips for sweat post. 

Review of The Top Tacky Overgrips:

Yonex Super Grap:

This was a pleasant surprise as I stopped using Yonex grips a very long time ago, but the people over at the Facebook Coaches group suggested it to me. I figured, you know, might as well try it. I have to say, this is probably the best winters/dry season grip. 

It’s neither blister-causing super grippy nor is it slick feeling, which I have to say is a great feeling. Yonex Super Grap

The good thing about tacky grips is that they are plenty durable, but that might be a bad thing at the same time because they are relatively bulky and they can cause the racquet to increase a half or two grip size.

It didn’t cause too much of a problem for me because I always roll with two overgrips, and I just cut down to one when I was trying this one out.

Great value for the price too as you can find individual grips, 3 pack and 30 pack. The 30 pack is a great buy and you can check it out on Amazon by clicking here.

Tourna Tac Tennis Grip:

The great Tourna, we meet again. I will say this that even though Tourna is favored by a lot of people playing in hot humid conditions, I have never heard anything about its Tacky variants. 

But I had to try it since that’s what I do. The grip is surprisingly thin and is a mix between its original variant and something a bit more grippy. This is a very pleasant feeling grip in the hand, semi-humid/ dry conditions might just be the perfect fit for this one. Tourna Tac Tennis Grip

I played with this one for quite a bit, just to get a good feeling of this and I had a pretty good time. The grip was able to hold its own for about two weeks, after which it started getting worn out. 

The color choice is the same as you get with the normal Tourna grips, not the best color in the world but you might like very much. 

It comes in a Mega Tac format and a normal Tac variant, you can try it from Amazon by clicking this link.

Babolat Pro Tacky Overgrip:

Good enough grip, and owing to the fact that Babolat is very popular pretty much all around the world, you might have an easier time finding this one compared to the ones I discussed above. 

Rafael Nadal endorses this one, whether he uses this one or not is not the question, the question is whether you will like it or not. Babolat Pro Tacky Overgrip

A very smooth feeling grip with some Tac to it, but not too extreme just the way I like it. If you want to try something extremely tacky and your hands just don’t hold the racquet very well then the Mega Tac from Tourna might be a good fit. 

The grip is very stretchy and this makes it quite durable but you can pre-stretch it (which I did) which makes it a little thinner and you can feel the bevels. Personal preference, nothing much, but it helped me feel the racquet more. 

Pretty good grip, nothing out of the ordinary. Like a lot of Babolat products, jack of trades kind of a grip. Amazon link right here.  

Prince Tacky Pro:

Not the best and not the easiest to find either, but does get the job done if you can’t find another grip. Prince has never really made good grips and them trying their hands at tac it the same old same old. Prince Tacky Pro

It played fine for about a week, then it just lost all its grip. I had to change it and my dad gave me a weird look as to why I was changing the grip only after a week of playing. 

You can check it out on Amazon if you are Prince supporter, but I would stay away from this one.

At the end of the day, it is a personal preference and you should try out the brands that piqued your interest a little. My job was to maybe give a little insight into how I felt about them and maybe help you find the perfect one for you. 

All the links mentioned are from Amazon, so you can rest assured that it isn’t some virus that you’ll download to your PC and have a bad time trying to get it out. 

Have fun out there on the courts.