Powerful tennis rackets are a godsend for beginners and intermediates alike. Most beginners struggle with power, which actually hampers their ability to enjoy the game. This is a list of rackets that I would advise most advanced players to stay away from. 

This list is strictly for beginners and the older players that might be struggling with power. All the old grandmas and grandpas are really going to enjoy this list of racquets.

I have been there as a beginner, trying to hit the ball and it barely even passed the net. So, having a powerful racket will help beginners learn the game while giving them an enjoyable experience. When they are switching to a more advanced level they will know how to cope with it and make the most out of it.

If you are in the market for the best tennis rackets for a spin then this racket might be really helpful. Or if you are looking to just start out as a beginner then this article might be really helpful

Why Get Powerful Rackets?

The question should be, why wouldn’t you want powerful a racket? Right? Naa. joking of course, but seriously getting a powerful racket is going to make tennis just little more fun when beginners are starting out. 

They have thicker beams and are generally weighty in the head which in turn makes them powerful. You tend to lose a little bit of control but that won’t make that much of a difference when you are starting out, because remember getting the ball to the other side of the net is way more important than anything.

Do Heavier Rackets Give More Power

Generally, that isn’t the case because it isn’t how much the racket weighs but where the weight is distributed which matters. If the racket weight is more towards the head of the racket then it’ll feel heavier to swing but in turn will have a lot of power. 

The caveat with that is that it gets harder to swing if you overdo it. Try and remain within limits and most beginners will have a lot of fun while hitting the ball with a lot of power still.

There comes another aspect to this that you can go into customizing your racket and make it as head heavy or headlight as you want, you can check out my should I customize my tennis racquet from this link. 

As a beginner, you’ll be looking to just grab a racket and get on the court and this post is meant for just that 

What is Power Level in Tennis Rackets

Rackets are generally classed in one of three categories just to make em easy to remember, these range from most powerful to the least powerful

Power Rackets

This is what we are focusing on today, these rackets are fit for beginners. This is the term used by racquet manufacturers for power-oriented racquets. In most cases, these racquet models feature oversize to super-oversize heads (107-135 square inches), are lightweight (8-9.5 ounces), longer (27-29 inches) stiffer and are balanced head heavy (or evenly balanced) to retain enough weight in the hitting zone. Designed for players with shorter, slower swings who want more power from the racquet.

Tweener rackets

Originally getting its name as a category of racquets sitting (be)tween power racquets and player’s racquets, tweeners have become the most popular type of racquet. A tweener borrows some of the lightness and power of the power racquets and mixes it with some of the control of the player’s racquets. These racquets are often light to medium weight (9.5-11 ounces), balanced anywhere from slight headlight to slightly head heavy, and have mid plus (98-104 square inches) heads.

The power level typically ranges from low-medium to medium-high power, making them the most appealing to intermediate through advanced players. Tweener racquets tend to be very spin-friendly thanks to possessing light and fast feel combined with a healthy mid plus head size.

Modern Player’s Rackets

The move to a heavy topspin playing style at the top of the game has created the modern player’s racquet. These racquets are lighter and faster than traditional player’s racquets and offer mid plus head sizes. Modern player’s racquets are perfect for attacking the ball at an aggressive angle for maximum spin.

The power level is similar (if not identical) to tweener racquets, and the strung weight typically falls between 11-12 ounces. Headsizes of modern player’s racquets is often right around 98-100 square inches.

Let’s move to the racket list, shall we? These are in no particular order, and all of them contain links for amazon. If you buy from there, the website gets a little commission out of it. 

Babolat Aero 112

The famous Babolat Pure Aero for all the beginners and old people out there. Great experience with this racket. The power you get on the groundstrokes is great and it even maintains a level of control that is unrivaled by many in this class of rackets.

A great choice for many and I’m sure you’ll have a great time when you try this one. I tried this one for a good week just to see if I would recommend it to the people in my club and it surprised me a fair bit. Priced at $129 on Amazon 

Babolat Drive G 115

No wonder why Babolat is such a big fan favorite among people of all different playing categories. This Babolat Drive G is the perfect blend of being light and powerful at the same time. 

Weighing in at just 9.1 oz, and with a length of 27.6 inches, most beginners will love this cheaper version of the pure drive. The Drive G will give you extra momentum for adding power and spin to your shots.

The large sweet spot of the racket makes it very forgiving margin of error, ensuring you get great power and comfort.

The added benefit of the woofer technology will be a godsend for all my old players out there, as the vibrations will be absorbed by the frame.

From the baseline, I found that the racket felt fast, very powerful, and stable at the same time. Even lower to medium power strokes gave the ball great depth into the court and gave my dad on the other side of the court a hard time dealing with. 

If you are looking for very easy power, comfort, and just raw muscle, then I would certainly recommend this one to you. It is priced in at just $159 on Amazon

Babolat Pure Drive 107


The new and improved 2090 version of the Pure Drive 107 is here to rock everybody’s socks off. This weighs a little more than the Drive 115 at 10.7 ounces strung but is very well balanced for the rising beginner.  The racket is slightly extended (around 27.2″) which supplies it that extra power that you might need on the tennis court.

I would absolutely recommend it to a lot of intermediate players as well who are just at that level of breaking even with others but are not there yet. Babolat has added a very head light balance to the frame, making this racket faster, more explosive, and all-around comfortable at the same time. The wider grommet space because of the FSI technology gives the racket a great blend of power and topspin. It helps a lot in hitting those heavy topspin balls and even on those slices.

This frame is very arm friendly as well, so you can wave those tennis elbow problems goodbye after you get this one. Babolat is famous for making very comfortable rackets and this one is no exception as well. All the seniors will enjoy the power and comfort that this racket brings to the tennis court.

On the serve and volleys, this racket was exceptional. The big sweet spot makes for some amazing down the line serves and great comfortable volleys.

All in all the Pure Drive 107 is great for all the beginners and intermediate players looking for a powerful and maneuverable racket that doesn’t skimp on comfort. Priced in at $199 on Amazon

Babolat Pure Drive 110



The famous Pure 110 which I have also mentioned in the past as one of my absolute favorite rackets for beginners. It is probably the most balanced thing I have ever played with when it comes to beginners. I can recommend this racket in a heartbeat.

Ideal for beginners and a lot of intermediates, the generous head size of the frame provides a great margin for error, making sure that that performance remains high even when contact is less than perfect. It also comes with the added advantage that the length of the racket is 27.6″ which gives it that awesome punch on the groundstrokes and serves.

The FSI technology mixed in with the 16×19 pattern of the racket gives it the power and topspin even for players with less than average stroke. If there was a racket that could make playing the game a tad bit easy then this would be the one.

This racket’s comfort is on another level as well because of the inbuilt cortex technology which is a specialized rubber material for greater dampening.

From the baseline, compact, slow to medium strokes deliver easy depth, with huge pace available to those who swing this racket fast. Thanks to the thick and firm beam, even off-center shots have a powerful and crisp response. At the net, the fast feel and forgiving/stable hitting surface make for very easy volleying.

With great power and comfort, the best of all the worlds combined into one awesome frame. I would recommend you check this out. Priced in at $199 on Amazon

Babolat Drive Max 110

The max series is Babolat cheap brand of rackets, and the rackets provide an awesome level of value for the money and you won’t be in the wrong if you end up buying these. The Drive max 110 is the budget variant of the Pure Drive 110 and for some reason looks way better and stylish than the Pure Drive, I guess I’m just a sucker for the old style.

Great racket for all the 2.0s out there and even some of the senior 4.0s. It’s also a great option for the doubles players who might have lost the touch due to their old age. Offering a luxurious sweetspot, the forgiving oversize of the racket can handle pretty much everything you throw at it.

Thanks to the ease of motion and 27.5″ length, the drive max supplies very easy plow through the ball and is a must-have for awesome serves and groundstrokes, you can find this racket priced at $99 from Amazon.

Wilson Hyper Hammer Stretch OS

let’s move on to some Wilson rackets, shall we? The age-old Hyper Hammer has been a fan favorite for such a long time, I’m happy that Wilson keeps on manufacturing old frames that have a lot of fan following. One of the most popular selling beginner rackets which is made from Hyper Carbon. The racket is very easy to move and hit around with but slightly head heavy in the balance department.

The 27.5 inches length of the racket helps with coming up a lot of power with relatively little effort from the players. This racket is great for people who just love the feel of Wilson yet are looking for a comfortable and powerful racket. This checks pretty much all the boxes, and it looks so cool in the stealth black look.

Doubles players may favor the Oversize racket because of the power provided on server with plenty of pop and forgiveness at the net

You can find it on Amazon for $89 here

Wilson K Factor K-Zero

The zero is pretty much in the name at this point, this is the lightest racket offered by Wilson at this price point and it is a joy to play with for most beginners and even some intermediates. Great for doubles play the 118 sq.in size of the head and 27.5 inches length of the racket make it a lean mean fighting machine.

The super oversize head provides a larger sweetspot and power. Wilson ensures excellent maneuverability for this game improvement racket. The frame is inspired by Roger Federer’s Old K-factor mold and it certainly shows in its looks and feel. The feeling you get while playing with this racket is nothing short of sublime and smooth.

I’ve tried in the past and was pleasantly surprised that it made even a beginner look good with easy to play shots and strokes while maintaining a level of comfort that is second to none.

You can grab this racket from Amazon priced in at just $120

Wilson Triad XP-3

One of the most flexible and comfortable rackets that I have ever seen on the courts is the Wilson Triad XP-3. The Triad XP 3 specializes in reducing the amount of vibration that reaches your arms. This racket is probably the perfect old players’ racket with an awesome 113 sp.inch head factored in with the sub-10-ounce weight.

This racket will work really well with players who want an oversize racket with a unique arm-friendly feel. This racket has been a real popular choice for a lot of people in my club, the ease with which you can generate power on your serves and groundstrokes make the racket very fun to play with. The good thing is that you can play with this racket for extended amounts of time without any sort of discomfort.

I found this racket great for doubles because you can easily dispatch volleys for winners and people just keep thinking that how the hell did they hit that shot. This is the awesomeness of playing with bigger head size.

Great for senior doubles on the USTA tournaments as well. You can buy this one from Amazon priced in at $239

Wilson Ultra 108

Wilson adds another chapter to the Ultra 108!  Originally launched in 2015, this update has been overhauled with juicier power and more explosive speed.  Like the previous generation, it packs a luxurious 108in² head, making it the most forgiving member of the Ultra family.  For 2020, Wilson adds extra power to this model with a thicker beam and more open string pattern (from 16×19 to 16×18).

The power is further amplified with three strategic enhancements, starting with less racket twisting at impact (stability), achieved by combining a Power Rib construction in the shaft with an integrated Perimeter Weight System in the head. These features are complemented nicely by Sweetspot Channels at 3/9 o’clock, which lengthen the cross strings for greater energy return. This racket also has Crush Zone grommets in the throat, which compress like spring at impact.

From the baseline, this stick offers a comfortably crisp feel at impact punctuated by very easy access to power and spin.

You can find it on Amazon for $179 by clicking here

HEAD Graphene 360+ Extreme PWR

With the Graphene 360+ Extreme PWR, Head adds some serious power and impressive comfort to the Extreme series.  Boasting a luxurious 115 square inch hitting surface, the Extreme PWR provides a large margin of error, ensuring that comfort and power remain high even when contact is less than perfect.

In addition to being a great racquet for beginners, the Extreme PWR should also work well for the senior double’s specialist who wants a speedy racquet with easy power on groundies, serves and volleys.

Like other members of the Extreme family, this racquet features Graphene 360+, which combines the stability and power of Graphene 360 with SpiralFibers in the lower head for a cleaner feel at impact. On groundstrokes, this racquet offers a comfortable and arm-friendly hitting experience. 

You can find it on Amazon priced at $179

Head Graphene 360+ Speed PWR

Introducing the most comfortable and powerful member of the Speed family! Named the Graphene 360+ Speed PWR, this racquet is ideal for beginners, savvy doubles specialists or any player looking to get easy depth from compact strokes. With its luxurious 115in² head, this racquet will give you a nice margin of error, ensuring that comfort, stability and power remain high even when contact is less than perfect. The Speed PWR comes with an extended 27.4″ length, which will give you extra momentum on groundies and serves.

For 2020, the Speed PWR gets updated with Graphene 360+, which combines the power and stability of Graphene 360 with SpiralFibers in the lower hoop for better feel at impact.

rom the baseline the Speed PWR will not only enable you to hit the ball deep into opposing territory, it will give you blistering pace on full swings. At net, the large and stable hitting surface makes it easy to achieve clean and effective contact with the ball. You’ll also find enough pop to end points with a bang.

You can find it on Amazon Priced in at $199


Head Graphene 360 Radical PWR

Head updates the Radical PWR with some extra pop and stability! Improving players looking for ease of use, should love how easily this stick glides through the air. As with the previous generation, this update is one of the most versatile oversize racquets available.

Sporting Head’s revolutionary Adaptive String Pattern, the PWR Radical allows the player to switch between a 14×19 string pattern (for huge spin and power) and a 16×19 sting pattern (for more control but still plenty of spin and power).

This racquet also benefits from Graphene 360 technology, which not only strengthens the shaft but also reinforces the head at 3, 9 and 12 o’clock. The result is an increase in stability and comfort coupled with even more power. At just under 10 ounces, the Radical PWR will make it easier for you to swing faster when adding pace and spin to your shots.

From the baseline the Radical PWR not only accelerates with remarkable ease, but it feels wonderfully solid and comfortable at impact. Players with compact strokes will find it easy to achieve depth with this racquet. Those who choose the 14×19 string pattern will find an instant and noticeable increase in spin potential. The luxurious 110in² head provides a stable, powerful and extremely comfortable response, with a forgiving feel on balls struck off-center.

Coming in priced at $159 from Amazon


Head Titanium Ti.S5 Comfort Zone


An updated version of the very popular original Ti S5. Same specifications, same light feel (8.5oz. strung) and open string pattern for excellent spin control. Add increased dampening for added comfort and an enlarged sweetspot, with Head’s new ComfortZone Technology, and you have a nicely improved option for all court beginner to intermediate players with compact to medium swing types.

You can find this awesome racket on Amazon for $79

Prince Textreme Premier 105


With the Premier 105 Prince gives intermediate ball strikers a very easy path to pace and spin. Fans of the popular O3 Red should love this racquet’s user-friendly playability, controllable power and “best of class” vibration dampening. Boasting a slightly extended length (for extra momentum), this stick whips easily and powerfully through contact. Thanks to the use of Textreme in the layup, the Premier 105 has excellent feel and above average stability for its weight class.

Factor in Prince’s time-tested 03 Port system and you have some serious comfort and shock reduction. From the baseline medium length strokes deliver good depth, with lethal put-away power on big cuts. There’s also enough spin potential for hitting heavy balls that explode off the court. At net this racquet holds up well against pace, with easy depth and targeting on block volleys. Thanks to the extended length and lively response, this racquet offers easy net clearance and big power on serves.

Prince has delivered an impressive combination of comfort, spin and pop to a wide range of players. Club doubles players looking to hit a bigger ball have come to the right place! Did we mention comfort and power?

You can find it on Amazon for $159