Babolat is pretty much one of the best brands when it comes to tennis equipment. In fact, my very first tennis racquet was a Babolat Aero Pro Drive Cortex; the successor to the extremely popular Babolat Aero Pro Drive. Rafael Nadal definitely helped Babolat gain the market dominance they wished for. His fiery playstyle, mixed in with his charming personality off the court, gave the company a much-needed boost. And the popularity of the brand has risen exponentially ever since. Every kid who starts out in tennis wants a Babolat racquet because of how influential Nadal has been on their tennis lives.Which Babolat Racquet is right for me

These days, the amount of racquets that Babolat is producing is extremely difficult to keep track off. As a beginner or even an intermediate, it can sound downright daunting to select one. This guide is aimed at simplifying the convoluted stage of buying the right racquet for you. The worst feeling in the whole world is buying something that you regret in the end. Hopefully, with this guide, I can help you feel happy about your purchase, and you can guide other people to do the same.

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My Absolute Favorite Babolat Racquet

Personally, I have tried pretty all of the Babolat models that have come out in recent years. I am a very Top-Spin oriented player, and I love racquets that have that 16×19 pattern to help whip the ball with great spin and power. But I also like racquets that have a smaller head-size (around 98 than the majority of the frames that Babolat produces(100 because they provide a more solid feel. They also feel more maneuverable than their 100 counterparts.


Keeping these specifications in mind, I love the Babolat Pure Strike that came out last year. It is pretty much what I wanted out of a Babolat racquet. The string pattern, the head size, and the sweet feeling when the ball strikes the racquet is second to none. I’ve added a few inches of lead tape, to increase the swing weight of it so it matches my game style a bit more. But other than that the racquet is perfect as it is. I string it with Babolat RPM Blast Polyester strings to create my ultimate weapon of destruction. I consider myself a pretty advanced player and this combo has definitely helped me reach the peak of my own game.strike 16x19

So, if you are like me and love power and Top-Spin, with a smaller head-size than usual, you should really enjoy this one. You can check the current pricing of it by going onto the Amazon link Here.


Keep in mind that this is a personal choice of mine, most coaches, and intermediate players recommend something like the Babolat Pure Aero. It’s very popular among players because it provides a very all around feeling. It is a racquet that’s okay at pretty much everything but is not exceptional at anything. I personally find it very unstable, and hard on my arm and wrist because of a very low twist weight. I have to add some weight on the grip, so it does not hurt my arm when playing.

If you are the type of player who wants more of an all-rounder, then you can check it out on Amazon by clicking this link.




What To Buy If You Are a Beginner

As a beginner, Babolat is one of the best companies to get your first racquet from. I recommend beginners to use Game Improvement Racquets. 

Using the definition of Tennis Warehouse, “This is the term used by racquet manufacturers for power-oriented racquets. In most cases, these racquet models feature oversize to super-oversize heads (107-135 square inches), are lightweight (8-9.5 ounces), longer (27-29 inches) stiffer and are balanced head-heavy (or evenly balanced) to retain enough weight in the hitting zone. Designed for players with shorter, slower swings and who want more power from the racquet.” 

Anything over the 100 range is what is normally considered an oversized, game improvement racquet. When you are a beginner, you don’t really know the optimal way to play tennis, and you swing the racquet pretty much in any way you feel comfortable with. The racquets in this category are pretty light and easy to move around. And since you won’t be facing any heavy balls from the other side, lower swing weights should not be a disadvantage for you.pure drive 110 

These racquets are designed to eliminate variables regarding equipment, so you can focus on getting a feel for the ball and your own strokes. The bigger sweet spot encourages careless play but a beginner’s focus should be to have fun first; the learning part comes naturally.
My recommendation for this category is the Babolat Pure Drive 110. It is an extremely well-made racquet which pretty much provides everything that a beginner might need. Low weight, higher than usual swing weight and the aesthetics to match. You can find it by clicking this link.


What To Buy If You Are an Intermediate Player

Buying a racquet for beginners is quite easy, as you don’t have a set playstyle when you are a beginner and pretty much anything that’s comfortable works pretty well. But as you develop your game, you start to align towards a particular game style, and your racquet choices get very confusing.

There are two broad categories, Control Racquets and the other is Power Racquets. Let’s take a look into both of these.

Are You Control Oriented?

Control-oriented players, or what I like to call the modern tennis players prefer the racquets made for control. They are an 18×20 string pattern, and a denser string pattern causes the ball to not dig not as deep other racquets. This behavior of racquet gives your shots more control but sacrifices power in return.Babolat Pure Strike 18x20

The racquet I would recommend in this category is the Babolat Pure Strike 2017 18×20 version. You can find it on Amazon by clicking here

This racquet is a great variant of my very personal favorite, its 16×19 brother is a great choice for anyone who has my kind of game.

Are You Power Oriented?

Power and Top-Spin are used in the same context when it comes to tennis because the most powerful players in the game hit with the most top-spin, and even those players who play flat balls use the same racquets as the Top-Spin heavy players. The 16×19 string pattern is an open string pattern, allowing for the ball to dig in deep into the string bed, making the ball come out with more power when it leaves the racquet.

I am personally a big fan of power oriented, smaller head-size racquets, and the Babolat Pure Strike 2017 16×19 fits into this extremely well. The link to which, I’ve already shared in my absolute favorite section.

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